Blue Racer Snake Eats Chipmunk Head First!

Blue Racer Ranch Has  A State Record Size Blue Racer Snake!

The Blue Racer snake that had the chipmunk was being attacked by another chipmunk trying to get the snake to let his buddy go! The Blue Racer snake was not phased at all by the attacks.

Blue Racer snake

The Blue Racer snake was approximately 7 foot long, maybe a little more. He let me walk right up to him, probably because he couldn’t move so well with a chipmunk fighting to get out of his mouth!

Blue racer snake

An adult Blue Racer snake can typically vary from 50 to 152 cm (20 to 60 in) in total length depending on the subspecies, but a record-sized specimen measured 185.4 cm (73.0 in) in total length. (from Wikipedia) Hahaha, I have shed skins that are 98 inches and 94 inches! And I know there is one snake much bigger than that!

Maybe I should get some snake handling gloves and catch one of these. There is a process you have to follow to officially claim the state record. I talked to the state herptologist and he filled me in on how to catch and record big Blue Racer snakes.

A Blue Racer Snake

Here is another photo of a Blue Racer snake earlier this spring. She was the first one that kind of intimidated me. When she first saw me, she immediately raised up about 15 inches. Then when I moved he flared out and started “rattling” her tale. Then when I moved again, she faked like she was coming at me. Then quickly took off, all 7-8 feet of her!  (it was a female. Males have a blunt tail)


Blue racer snake
The truck cap is 8ft.

Well that’s what happened at the Blue Racer Ranch today here in sunny Southwest Michigan!

Some big things being planned at Blue Racer Ranch in June. Stay tuned!

Blue Racer Snakes at Blue Racer Ranch

Blue Racer Snakes – Large Ones!

We have some pretty big Blue Racer Snakes living at the Blue Racer Ranch here in Southwest Michigan. The first one I saw this spring was between 7 and 8 feet is length! It was really aggressive too!


Blue Racer Snakes
Sometimes they let me get close.

This year I have noticed the smallest one in length in 20 years! It was probably less than 4 feet. Most all the Blue Racer snakes are at least 6 foot. The largest verifiable one was 98 inches! There was one that was even longer than that but was a bit elusive.

blue racer snake
Blue Racer Snake

There was one Blue Racer Snake this year that was a light tan instead of the blackish blue color like the snake above. It was coiled up with another Blue Racer Snake all cozy like.

These snakes, one group of Blue Racers live behind my barn, and another group lives behind my garage. They are all good size except for that one small one that I mentioned earlier.

Big Green Frogs

Blue Racer Snake

We also have big frogs. Green Frogs. Our “close to state record” green frog was only an eighth of an inch away from tying the record when he went missing. The big Blue Heron probably had the biggest frog meal of his life!

Big Pecker Birds

The Blue Racer Ranch is blessed with wildlife galore! We have a lot of birds for me to photograph. I take a lot of digital photos! We had a Pileated Woodpecker come to our suet feeder this year. First time for that bird!

Blue Racer SnakeThese pileated woodpeckers are huge! Big as a crow!

Prepper Dog!

Our dog Kash, is really gentle with other animals, especially birds. He is afraid of the Blue Racer Snakes, which is OK. I don’t want him terrorizing them or killing them.

Blue Racer Snakes

Kash is now a “Prepper Dog”! He has two new dog survival kits. One for the house (a bug-out bag) and one in the vehicle. He also created a new website We like to be prepared for emergencies but are not extremist preppers. Just common sense people being aware.

Blue Racer Ranch Projects

Just finished up a rock landscape project in front of the house. Man, I am sore all over! Some of the boulders were 500 pounds or more, and then there were many that were just arm benders!

Blue Racer Snake

Well, there is the 2016 Spring Update. The big Blue Racer Snakes have stayed for another spring, the birds are back, a fox has made an appearance, and life is good at Blue Racer Ranch!


Blue Racers – Michigan State Record Size? Blue Racer Ranch

Blue Racers live at Blue Racer Ranch

Two Blue Racers, at Blue Racer Ranch
One male, one female.

Our Blue Racer snakes live on Blue Racer Ranch behind our barn and behind the garage in the spring and off and on during the summer. They come back for a short while in the fall before going into hibernation.

We have been watching them since we moved to this property in 1994.  We see them almost daily, sometimes as many as five of them at a time.  I usually know where they will be in the morning sun, but they do surprise me from time to time.

I have found shed skins that measured 98 inches and 94 inches. They were the longest ones, but most of them start at about 72 inches, with most being about 77-88 inches long.  The longest Blue Racer length published in Michigan is 75.2 inches.  So most of my Blue Racers challenge the state “record”.

I also have big frogs!

Green Frog, on Blue Racer Ranch

The biggest one, a Green Frog/Bullfrog measured 7-3/4 inches, snout to vent!  This big frog has been around for the last three years, growing a little larger every year.  I have not seen the big frog for about a month now, but that has happened before.  The pond he is in is only about 12-15 foot across and 2-3 foot deep. (Michigan State record is 8 inches)

The Blue Racer Ranch is just a small parcel of land, about 11 acres, mostly overgrown meadow (intentionally) and oak, sassafras, ash, and poplar woods.  There are two vernal swamps, and our little pond for water.  Mostly clay-type soil with lots of wild blackberries and some wild strawberries. (the strawberries froze out this year)

Not too far away is Lake Michigan.  We have some great wooded dunes and sugar-sand beaches!  The other day I took my Border Collie-Aussie mix dog named Kash and went for a early morning hike in the woods.  We had a couple of Barred Owls that followed us for about 15 minutes as we blazed a trail through the woods, heading for a swampy area.

This website will be a photo gallery/journal of life at Blue Racer Ranch.  You will get a glimpse of the “stuff” we are into, photos of flowers, bugs, birds, animals and whatever my eyes may deem worthy of a click of the camera, or the computer mouse.

November 26, 2014

Just thought I should give you a quick update as I have not posted in a while.

The big Blue Racers were hanging around for about a month in the spring time, but then spotting them becomes sporadic throughout the summer. I usually see them for about a week towards the fall, but not this year.

blue racer snake

Blue Racer


Thomas, Shelly, and Kash Flow

Blue Racer Ranch

PS. Here is a quick video I made of some of the Blue Racers on Blue Racer Ranch.