The Blue Racer Ranch – Record Size Blue Racers

Welcome to The Blue Racer Ranch!

Blue Racer Ranch
The Blue Racer Ranch, South Haven, Michigan

The Blue Racer Ranch – Shelly, Kash the Dog and I call this home.

The Blue Racer Ranch is a wonderful place to be. Lots of nature, close to Lake Michigan, good neighbors, and room to roam!

Blue Racer Ranch
The Blue Racer Ranch is kind of magical!

Kash the Dog, our Border Collie-Aussie mix dog lives here and roams freely. He loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, chipmunks and coyotes. He is my walking companion every day!

Blue Racer Ranch
Kash the Dog!

The Blue Racer Ranch is 11+ acres. We have chosen to let most of it grow wild. We have cut and maintained trails throughout the property so it is easy to get around. Lots of wild animals use them as well.

We have a couple ponds and a couple vernal swamp ponds. They attract frogs. I love the sound of the spring peepers every spring! And we have a fairly good amount of green frogs and a few bullfrogs. Plus one big old snapper!

Blue Racer Ranch
Frogs in the pond!

The Blue Racer Ranch is known for it’s huge Blue Racer snakes. We have seen them every year since we moved here in 1994. There are two families of blue racers. One lives behind the barn, and one lives behind the garage.

Blue Racer Ranch
Blue Racer coming at you!

There is other natural beauty too! The plant life never fails to amaze me. I carry my Panasonic Lumix camera every time I go for a walk. It has been the very best investment, as I use it every day!

I have taken so many photos here on The Blue Racer Ranch! Too many to count! The weird thing is, I take them all one handed, never use a tripod, ro the viewfinder! Seems to work for me. Many of my photos have made it on the national news,  a cover of a magazine, and grace the homes of many. And I do it for fun and enjoyment!

Gotta go and take Kash the Dog out to pee!

Blue Racer Ranch
Thomas & Kash in Woodstock, NY